United States Marine Corps Boxing Hall Of Fame Inductee, 6-Time National Boxing Champion, and 2024 Paris Olympics Boxing Gold Medal Hopeful, Stephanie Simon, Salutes Attempted Rape Victim, Nashali Alma, For Fighting Back

For Immediate Release: Miami, FL • February 24, 2023
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February 17, 2023 – Miami, FL /Strivers Row Media/:  Stephanie Simon, the 2022 United States Marine Corps Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, 6-time National Boxing Champion, and 2024 Paris Olympics Boxing Gold Medal hopeful announces a “Girl Power” show of solidarity with Nashali Alma, the Ocala, FL native aspiring bodybuilder whose apartment complex gym’s security camera captured her fighting off a would-be rapist in a video that has since gone viral. “You have no idea how proud you make ALL women feel by showing such strength and courage when facing such adversity,” stated Simon in a salutatory social media video post. (

Just over three weeks ago on January 22, 2023, while exercising alone in her apartment building’s fitness center, Alma, a 24 year old aspiring bodybuilder and Instagram fitness trainer, was attacked by a male intruder for whom she opened the door to the fitness center at the Inwood Park Apartment Complex in Tampa, FL.  (see:  Thinking the man was entering to work out, she was quickly attacked in what became an attempted rape assault caught on camera. “My parents told me to never give up, never give up on anything,” said Alma, recounting the parental advice that helped her survive the horrifying experience.  “That’s what I kept in my mind when I was fighting him.  You fight back. You show him that you are strong!,” she continued.  

“When I heard about this young lady’s story I was so impressed by her intestinal fortitude, I was just short of putting on my recruiter hat to try to interest her in joining my beloved Marine Corps,” jokingly quipped Simon, a history making U.S. Marine Corps officer and one of the greatest female amateur boxers of all time.  “It’s really inspiring and it means so much for girls and women everywhere to see that kind of display of strength in the face of adversity,” added Simon, a U.S. Marine Corps 1st Lt., Marine Corps Reserves Officer, and Team Captain of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Martial Arts Center of Excellence boxing team.

Simon, a U.S. Naval Academy alumna who will soon be headed to the U.S. Olympic Committee’s USA Boxing 2023 World Boxing Tour Camp taking place at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado, CO from March 19 – April 9, 2023, will soon be meeting with Alma to convey her sentiments in person. “I saw one of Ms. Alma’s interviews in which she said that she had never had any self defense training, but that she would be eager to do so after her harrowing encounter,” stated Simon.  “Ms. Alma and I are fellow Floridians, so before I head back out to the Olympic Training Center I’m going to visit with her in Tampa and I’m going to teach her a few techniques that she can hopefully use to inspire other girls and women to improve their self confidence,” Simon explained excitedly.

Meeting date and details to follow…

About Stephanie Simon

• First USMC Female Amphibious Assault Officer on the East Coast
• Three-time Collegiate National Boxing Champion
• First United States Naval Academy Female Boxing Team Captain and Two-Time Brigade Boxing Champion
• United States Naval Academy Track and Field Team Captain, 2017
• The Basic School (TBS) Iron Mike Award (Top physical performer in a class of 300), 2017
• Women’s Wrestling World Team Trials Qualifier, 2019
• First Ever Female Marine Corps Boxing Team Captain, 2020
• National Golden Gloves Champion and Outstanding Boxer Award, 2021
• Three-time National Boxing Champion (USA Boxing/National Golden Gloves)
• International Boxing Silver Medalist (Pueblo, Colorado) 2022
• High Performance Squad Member at the Olympic Training Center, 2022
• United States Marine Corps Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee – 2022
• Team Captain of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Martial Arts Center of Excellence boxing team (first and only woman in history to do so)

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