Professional Tennis Star, Taylor Townsend, Visits the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas in Effort To Better the World “One Child At A Time”™

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Austin, TX • February, 28, 2024
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February, 27, 2024 – Austin, TX/Strivers Row Media/:
Who: International Tennis Star, Taylor Townsend
What: Taylor Townsend’s Visit to Michael Dell’s Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas
When: Saturday February 24, 2024 to March 3, 2024
Where: The ATX Open WTA Tour Tennis Tournament • Westwood Country Club, 3808 W. 35th St. Austin, TX 78703
Why: Taylor Townsend’s Mission Is To Support Children, To Promote Body Positivity, and To Create Opportunities For Youth In All Communities

With KEYE CBS TV Channel 42 cameras in tow, Taylor Townsend, who is the world’s number 5 ranked doubles player and is the number 83 ranked singles player on the WTA Tour, visited the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas on Monday February 26th to start her week at the ATX Open, which is the biggest professional sports event for women in Austin.  “I met some of the sweetest kids at Dell Children’s.  Some were in wheelchairs, some were recovering from surgery, but all of them were true fighters overcoming their challenges,” said the mother of a precocious 3 year old son.  “I went there  thinking that I was going to help put smiles on THEIR faces, but it was actually them who touched my heart and made ME smile.  Reflecting on the joy I felt visiting those kids coupled with hearing my son cheering me on from the stands is what carried me to victory today,” she continued.  Austin’s hometown newspaper, the Austin American Statesman, described Taylor’s First Round match as the longest and best match of the tournament so far. (see:

Townsend began her career with one of the sport’s most auspicious starts ever as she was simultaneously the world’s #1 ranked amateur in singles and the world’s #1 ranked amateur in doubles at age 16 just before turning professional.  Now one of the world’s top professional players in both singles and doubles, she is intent on showing the world that her best years – and many of them – lie ahead.  

“I feel great, my body feels great, and I’m brimming with confidence knowing that I can be a major force to be reckoned with out here in any tournament, including Grand Slams.,” stated Townsend confidently.  “Now that I’m a mother, though, I’m also focused on being a role model for my son and for all of the young kids who watch us on TV, who come to our matches, and who follow us on social media,” she continued.  “Whether it’s breakthroughs in biotech that can help cure childhood diseases, or positive, life affirming lessons we teach our kids at home, I firmly believe that we can change the world for the better, one child at a time,” the tennis star added.

Coming off of Townsend’s big First Round victory yesterday, she is poised to play rising Chinese star, Yue Yuan, later today.  That match is of particular interest as Taylor is poised to embark on her study of both Chinese and Japanese and she plans to be fluent in the languages soon, with plans to establish major business operations in China, Japan, Greater Asia, and EMEA .

About Taylor Townsend

Taylor Townsend is arguably sports’ single most ardent advocate for body positivity.   Having faced criticism, especially during her youth, for having a body that was not as petite or as svelte as those of most female professional tennis players, she has turned all related negatives into positives so as to inspire self love in others who face similar circumstances and criticisms.  Seeking to be further inspirational, Townsend has parlayed her tennis stardom into a broad range of business involvements, including but not limited to biotech and venture capital investing, real estate development, philanthropy, and soon-to-be announced entrepreneurial forays into entertainment, fashion, and skin care, all focused on inclusivity and upliftment. Ms. Townsend recently co-starred with international music superstar, Cardi B, in “Cardi Tries Tennis” (see: and she starred in Goldman Sachs’ promotional campaign for the company’s online banking offering, Marcus. (see: