Hartford, CT Juvenile Detention Center Incorporates Basketball Star, Mikey Williams, Into Curriculum To Teach At-Risk Youth How To Properly Address Adversity

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Hartford, CT • July 3, 2024
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Who: Basketball Star, Mikey Williams and Juvenile Justice Advocate/Lecturer/Rapper, Roddy Legend
What: Hartford Juvenile Detention Center Crime Reduction and Anti-recidivism Curriculum 
When: Monday July 1, 2024 thru Sunday August 11, 2024
Where: Hartford Juvenile Detention Center • 920 Broad St, Hartford, CT 06106
Why: To Address The Critical Need to Reduce Recidivism By, And To Improve Outcomes For, Connecticut’s
and the Nation’s Youth  

July 2, 2024 – Hartford, CT/Strivers Row Media/: Mr. Jarrod Thompson, the Connecticut based activist, lecturer, and rapper better known to his fans by his sobriquet, ‘Roddy Legend,’ has been hired by the Connecticut State Department of Correction and the Hartford Juvenile Detention Center to lead a six week course of study focused on helping incarcerated and other at-risk youth to avoid the perils of the streets that have landed many of his students stints of incarceration for their misdeeds.  Legend, no relation to John Legend, though the two men are cut from the same cloth as it relates to social activism and using their respective platforms as music celebrities to improve society, teaches such subjects as Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Avoidance, and Dispute De-escalation.  “We searched high and low for the right person who could connect with the juveniles under our auspices,  who could speak to them in their own language, and whose messages we were confident would resonate with this particular audience.  After spending time with him we knew that Roddy Legend was that man,” stated Dr. Lilian Ijomah, Program Director for Domus Kids at the Hartford, CT Juvenile Detention Center.

“Every one of these kids knows who Lebron James, Ja Morant, ‘Ant Man,’ and Mikey Williams are,” stated Legend, referring to a selection of the NBA’s biggest All-Stars and, in the case of Mikey Williams, the high school sensation and newly minted collegiate player who is considered by many pundits to be the most talented and most exciting player to come along since NBA Hall of Famers, Alan Iverson and Michael Jordan.  “When I was developing the Juvenile Detention Center’s curriculum I wanted to incorporate content and subject matter which would leave my entire student body with unequivocally indelible impressions of both what NOT to do and how to address head on one’s transgressions so as to triumphantly emerge as net contributors to society after paying their debts to society however small or large those debts may be,” Legend continued didactically.  “Chief among those teachings is the Mikey Williams story of being at the apogee of the high school and AAU basketball worlds, suffering a setback and doing all of the things that one must do to right their personal ships and to get their lives and careers on track as Mr. Williams has successfully done.  Since Rap and Hip-Hop are the universal languages of the culture, we even have a new soon-to-be-released Hip-Hop record, ‘Rise or Fall (Redemption Song)’, created in homage to Mr. Williams and his overcoming of adversity,” added Legend.  Mr. Legend went on to state that Mr. Williams may make a live in-person or live streamed videoconference appearance at the class during the semester.

About The Hartford, CT Juvenile Detention Center
Connecticut is one of several states trying to find better ways to make sure that a youthful infraction does not haunt children for the rest of their lives as was the famously case with Philadelphia Rapper, Meek Mill.  The Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Juvenile Residential Services (JRS) Unit operates a range of both voluntary and court-ordered residential programs and centers designed to meet the unique needs of juveniles who come into contact with the juvenile court system. JRS is committed to providing a safe living environment through evidence-based practice, a strength-based approach, comprehensive education, and quality healthcare. services.

About Roddy Legend
Roddy Legend is a popular recording artist, activist, and educator in Hartford, CT who has been described in media as “the next big Hip-Hop star poised to emerge from the East Coast” and “a spellbindingly entertaining live performer.”  Legend focuses his music on inspirational, thought provoking, and socially motivational lyrics on topics such as anti-youth violence, responsible parenting, alcoholism, and inspiration through sports ( Legend’s primary production partner, Chophouze Jay, has produced for Hip-Hop and Rap legends, Nicki Minaj, Future, DaBaby, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Jadakiss, Bankroll Fresh, Young Dolph, Young Scooter, and others. Following the upcoming July 19, 2024 release of his “Hunger Campaign Vol II” release, on August 21, 2024 Legend and Chophouze Jay will release their “Laissez Faire” project. Thereafter, Legend has September and October 2024 scheduled project releases with Jet Life producer, Cash Fargo. Legend is an Adjunct Lecturer of the 501 (c)(3) Racial Bias Dot Org, Inc. ( social justice, racial equity and inclusion nonprofit thinktank and is a musical collaborator with the Jazz For Social Justice ( initiative.

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About Mikey Williams
Mikey Williams is a high school and AAU basketball phenom and sensation who has garnered a worldwide social media following numbering in the better part of ten million followers, including 3.4 million Instagram followers and counting.  Considered a once-in-a-generation talent, Williams, one of the world’s most celebrated amateur basketball players, has earned victories at the high school and AAU levels over multiple NBA Playoffs finalists and World Champions.  In Fall 2024 Williams will begin his collegiate basketball career at the University of Central Florida under the tutelage of Head Coach and former NBA player, Johnny Dawkins.  Williams was developed in part by noted AAU basketball coach, Chandler Scott, Head Coach of the Vertical Academy Basketball Team. Three of Coach Scott’s players, i.e. Stephon Castle, Rob Dillingham, and Isiah Collier, were drafted with the 4th, 8th, and 29th picks in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft.