Former Madison Square Garden Heavyweight Boxing Sensation Turned Hedge Fund Advisor Delivers Best Solution Yet Amid New York’s Migrant Crisis and Migrants’ Controversial Housing at Randall’s Island

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New York, NY  October 20, 2022
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October 20, 2022 – New York, NY /Strivers Row Media/:  
Who: Haitian Migrants Seeking Lawful Full-Time Employment
What: The Hiring of Haitian Migrants in Full-Time Living Wage Jobs
When: Follow Up To Last Friday’s Midtown Manhattan “Humanitarian Hiring of Haitians” Rally
Where:  The Southeast Corner of 46th Street & 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NY Outside of the Consulate of Haiti in New York
Why: Addressing The Humanitarian and Economic Crisis of an Unprecedented Number of New Migrants Arriving Into NYC

The late 1980s and early 1990s Madison Square Garden Heavyweight boxing sensation, Leland “The Fighting Stockbroker” Hardy, later campaigning as “The Hedge Fund Heavyweight,” was activated by images that he saw in Del Rio, TX to deliver solutions to the current migrant crisis in New York City. 

One year ago, in response to thousands of Haitian Migrants living in squalor for weeks beneath the Del Rio Bridge in Del Rio, TX after crossing the Rio Grande River into Texas, Racial Bias Dot Org, Inc., the 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization that Hardy founded, launched the “Humanitarian Hiring of Haitians” initiative to provide support and employment opportunities for the distressed migrants. (see:

“I was triggered by seeing a Haitian migrant crossing the Rio Grande River carrying a young child on his shoulders while wearing a tattered Charlotte Hornets jersey.  I immediately made a nexus between the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, which team is owned by NBA Hall of Famer, Michael Jordan, and the City of Chicago, with which Michael Jordan is synonymous and which was founded by a Black Haitian man, the latter fact of which far too few people are aware,” stated the former NBA Player Agent, former NFL Player Agent, and Family Business Advisor for Venus, Serena, and the Williams Family.  

On this past Friday Hardy staged a rally just outside of the Haitian Consulate of New York.  “Don’t just house ’em.  Hire ’em!” Hardy shouted, referencing to an ever growing sympathetic crowd gathered at the southeast corner of 46th Street & 5th Avenue in Manhattan the then soon-to-open temporary migrant housing tents at Randall’s Island just across the East River from Manhattan.

“While I applaud local government officials and  social services organizations for accommodating on the fly such large influxes of migrants, what these individuals need and want more than anything is an opportunity to make an honest living to support their families.  By putting migrants in full time jobs we help them become wage earning taxpayers who are net contributors to society, not detractors from society,” continued Hardy.

Hardy announced the immediate hiring and training of a group of Haitian migrants who have been identified and assembled from throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  “A number of the migrants who you see here will be hired and trained to work in the foodservice sector and will be placed in full time employment at Bronx Community College right here in New York City under a foodservice contract with Atlanta, GA based A La Carte Menu Services, Inc., a New York City certified M/WBE business.  Others gathered here will be trained as beauticians and will work in Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, and down in Florida” stated Hardy.  “I have been working closely with a number of local Haitian community leaders and others to identify the best and the brightest and we are poised to help these individuals in what I believe is the most meaningful, most impactful way possible, which is by giving them what many of them walked 2,000 miles in search of – work,” the businessman added. “We will be placing our Haitian and our Hispanic brethren in jobs all over the country,” he finished.

“I am well versed in the many travails the Haitian people have endured over the years, and in the incredible fortitude they have shown in overcoming both natural disasters, political turmoil in their home country, and abject poverty.  Lest we not forget, Haiti was the first nation to lead an organized revolt against the institution of slavery.  I am enamored of the prospect of hiring workers with the kind of character and determination that has long been a hallmark of the Haitian people,” stated Falicia Garries, the Founder & CEO of M/WBE Fracassi Lashes, Inc. which will be employing some of New York City’s Haitian Migrants at her stores in New York and Florida.

“I am excited to work with Mr. Hardy and his organization in helping my people and in helping this great city, which I have come to know and to love after arriving here two decades ago in the same condition that they are arriving, i.e. penniless, hungry, and seeking opportunity,” stated Thomas Dhaiti, the Haiti born Pastor of Jesus Is Lord Seventh Day Adventist Church in Brooklyn, NY.  “It is a blessing to be able to put my parishioners and others throughout our community to work,” the Pastor continued.  Pastor Dhaiti is a duly registered labor contractor under the auspices of the United States Department of Labor.

Follow the journeys of the migrants in their new jobs on social media:  Instagram @EndRacialBias, Twitter: @RacialBiasOrg, and on Facebook at

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